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Children love animals. Here at Paddock Cottage we have a collection of incredibly friendly pet chickens and ducks. Sometimes roaming the garden and sometimes having rest time in their pens.

The children love to help fill their water containers, put the food out, fill up their nest boxes with straw and collect eggs for lunch.

Our two friendly call ducks are great fun to watch as they splash about and puddle in the mud, and of course everyone loves to cuddle them!


I have always loved chickens and have tended a beautiful brood of pet bantams for a few years now. The children love to be involved with their upkeep and know all their names and exactly how to look after them.


Here I am helping to look after my mum's chickens at about age five. I still feel this happy when I collect the eggs!


Each Spring we hatch some chicks to add to our flock. We either tend to a broody or watch the eggs in our incubator. The children love to care for the new hatchlings, naming them and feeding them. Here is Sarah or tiny gold partridge Pekin bantam caring for last years chicks with her friends.


Loved by all, Pandora lives here too. A very friendly tiny black cat who came to us with her brother from Mount Noddy RSPCA Rescue Centre. 

Pandora follows us about the village, enjoys a trip over the road to Bury Green and is well known to all our neighbours. She loves to visit the Brownies when they meet in the village hall opposite but generally potters about the garden and adores all the attention from the children!


When all the chickens and ducks have been tended to and the cat adored, we also like to keep stick insects! An unusually interesting pastime. Hiding among the bramble leaves and ivy in their box we have three adult Indian stick insects and we are always hatching more. They are great fun to handle, watch grow and are super easy to care for. If you'd like some to take home, just ask.


All our garden flowers are planted to encourage butterflies, bees and other insects. Each year we care for caterpillars and watch them grow into butterflies. Once their wings are fully grown, we release our butterflies into the garden.

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