Life at Paddock Cottage

Life at Paddock Cottage...

This is a place with Montessori principals, with quality toys on the toy shelves. Where beautiful home-cooked locally sourced food is served from our woodburning oven. You’ll find few unescessary chemicals, additives or processed food, but instead, homemade meals, fruit and veg from the garden, baking from scratch and involvement by your little ones every step of the way.


"My job is not to control, manage and govern, but to nurture, encourage and kindle."


At Paddock Cottage, caring for children isn’t just providing childcare, it’s a way of life. A way of life that I believe is wholesome, healthy, nurturing and interesting. We don’t really watch TV here, or play on tablets. Not because I believe that screens are bad, but because there is generally something better to do...(and it leaves room for some screen watching downtime when you get home and at the weekend.)


"It’s being involved in life from the start, nurturing from the heart and being inspired every day by the enthusiasm and wonder that comes so naturally to children."


Hannah Rosalie

Paddock Cottage


West Sussex


07875 660119, 01798 831289

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