Waldorf Art Workshops

Creating art is a beautiful, engaging process. Encouraging children from an early age to enjoy this process and to really engage with it regardless of any perceived outcomes is really important. The approach we take in these sessions is very much to engage in an art process, guided, nurtured and encouraged, focussing on the process, not product.

Waldorf Art

Workshops for children 6-11yrs

Sundays 10am to 12.30pm

Come along for a relaxed morning of beautiful art for children, coffee and cake for adults. A haven for children to slow down, be calm and breathe through their expressive art.


This new-found confidence and appreciation of art and beauty will hopefully dovetail with children's academic learning through the week. Workshops are delivered in line with the Waldorf curriculum, and aim to support children’s artistic and spiritual development in addition to their mainstream or homeschool education.

Montessori toys and activities available to entertain younger siblings in a separate room. Workshops led by Hannah Rosalie and Shivani Patel and take place in Bury Village just outside Arundel. All materials provided.





Following Waldorf principals, these sessions are delivered in line with the Waldorf curriculum. I have pulled out some of the wider concepts outlined below, so you can get a feel for how the classes will be run.



These workshops draw on key themes of the Waldorf Approach and are delivered in a semi-structured way. Taking a slow, calm approach, children have time to explore and fully engage in their work. They are not pushed to hurry or finish, and even though each workshop is stand-alone, with a separate project or theme, work can span one or more sessions.




Materials are natural, colours are gentle. Appreciation of art and beauty is cultivated through natural gentle resources. We use quality Stockmar and Lyra artist materials, and have a library of famous artists work to inspire and appreciate. Children naturally care for and appreciate of our precious shared resources, cultivating respect and gratitude for their surroundings.



Children work in ringbound artists sketchbooks of quality watercolour paper (available to purchase on your first session). Most work is done in this, and children are encouraged to be open and free in their approach to using it, but also care for and treasure it.



Much of our inspiration is not limited to, but certainly is inspired by the natural world. Workshops may incorporate trips to the woods, river, fields and footpaths around Bury. Children are encouraged to bring their finds home and collect them on the nature table.



A classic element to waldorf art teachings, wet-on-wet encourages an early appreciation of colour not form, allowing the children to let go of the product and enjoy the beautiful unexpected patterns and colours which arise.

"Art is a human act. Art is Risky. Generous. Courageous. Provocative. You can be perfect, or you can make art."

~ Erik Wahl




Just £10 per child.

For more information or to book a workshop, please contact Hannah Rosalie.

Hannah Rosalie

Paddock Cottage


West Sussex


07787 985367


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