This Term's Theme

This Term's Theme...




“When children come into contact with nature, they reveal their strength...”



Summer is in full swing and what better time to focus on our theme for this term 'nature'. We are so lucky in Bury to have an abundance of natural life on our doorstep. A simple walk through the fields to the river is a delight. We'll be digging deeper into our appreciation of the natural world throughout the term as we watch our tadpoles transform and release them as tiny frogs. We'll be hatching painted Lady butterflies on the kitchen table, and we're ever hopeful for another broody hen so we can sneak some more fertilised eggs under her.


Of course we'll be digging and planting and learning as many names of trees, flowers and animals as we can...

Hannah Rosalie

Paddock Cottage


West Sussex


07875 660119, 01798 831289

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