Hannah Rosalie


Let your child flourish in a nurturing, unhurried, Montessori inspired environment.

"Hannah provides exceptional care, with a great ethos of calm, education, encouragement and fun...TANIA, PULBOROUGH"

Choose care to suit

From wraparound care before and after school, a few hours one day a week, to daytime care for babies and preschoolers, choose what you want, when you want.

What we do

Learning through activities tailored to individual needs and interests. Seasonal themes run through our days here at Paddock Cottage from quiet time with stories, baking, making, free play, through to forest school activities in the woods.

How we do it

My philosophy is to involve children fully in life, and not necessarily bounce them endlessly between planned activities. Inspired by the Montessori Method, our days are focussed and engaging, peaceful and respectful.

Hannah Rosalie

Paddock Cottage


West Sussex


07875 660119, 01798 831289


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